Official Selena Gomez!

The King Of Pop.

Hey everyone! I just wanted to take some time to wish the best for Michael Jackson’s family. Really sorry to their loss and I hope the best of luck to them. I will also miss Michael Jackson. He was a great singer, dancer, etc. He was very talented and amazing in a lot of ways and he will be missed very much. R.I.P Michael.


Wizards On Deck With Hannah Montana!

Hi guys! Just checking in with my awesome fans, haha. So guys, please please please watch Wizards On Deck With Hannah Montana! It premieres July 27th! I really hope you like it! We worked on it for days. Haha! But though it was really hard work, the work wasn’t all bad. It was very fun filming it with Miley, Cole, Dylan, Brenda, Debby, Phil, Matt, Emily, Jennifer and more! They are all so amazing and funny! I really enjoyed the filming each day with them. They are very cool and…I really hope you watch it? Haha. Yeah, so tune in to see Wizards On Deck With Hannah Montana! Kay? Alright love you guys!

Here are some pictures! 😀

Me and Debby Ryan(:
Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan

Me and Brenda Song, haha.

Haha, Me and Debby talking to David.